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Choice of words and phrases in communication with customers:

We often keep telling the things we learnt by default from our family or parents. Thus we do not give impressions those were required. Many times by doing so we give negative impressions about us and our business. If you improve your communication skills verses customer services skills by learning new things, you can definitely enhance your business or professional success.

Do not try to pretend by saying you are very honest. You will be known by your behaviour and the choice of words you communicate. You will also be known by the words you avoid.

Put yourself in the customer's shoes. Do not try to befool him. He will befool you otherwise. Do not say what you want from them, they are not interested in your wants. Tell them what they want. Avoid using the phrase "I want you to buy...." This want word will be a negative term in the customers ears. Tell them their benefits how best they can save their money, increase their performance and productivity, enhance their image, etc. You are to sell by emphasising on customer's needs rather than your wants. You were already doing it, just avoid using "I", instead use "YOU".

Do not use the negative language at all. For example, say "We can deliver the product till 15th day of placing order" instead of saying "We can not deliver your product in next 15 days".

Why do not you understand me - this phrase is commonly used in families. Do not utter this in front of your customer. He is not idiot, atleast he thinks. Ask him "Am I able to convey my message?". Also do not irritate him by saying "So what". Instead of saying "So what you are trying to tell..", say "Am I correct in understanding your concerns, needs, ideas, interests etc." This shows you are trying to understand him instead of making your own opinions.

Do not use authoritive phrases like "You will have to buy original software to be more compatible with your machine", instead use "Original Software is more compatible with your machine, I suggest you to buy it." Also do not use "If you do not mind, let me tell you..." If you know there are chances your customer may mind your words, do not use that communication at all. Some sales persons say like it, "I don't know how much you know about my company, product or myself..." Yes, he does not know what you are going to tell. This is only you who know what is in your mind, and not your customer.

Do not ask any question which has a "NO" answer. For example,"Would you like to spoil your image by using less known clothing brands?, Would you like to waste money on expensive fuel like petrol?, Would you like to see your wife suffering from arthritis? etc. Ask the questions which have "YES" answers. For example positive questions replacing above negative questions may be "Would you like to enhance you image by using much known brands?, would you like to save money by using less expensive fuel like diesel, CNG, LPG etc.?, would you like to see your wife always healthy, free from artritis? Set the machine moving in YES direction, till your customer says "YES" to your question, "Would you buy now?"

Contributed by: Sandeep Bansal,
CEO, Bansal Multiangels Limited, Surat

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