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Why People do not buy from you ? Some of facts ?

I was in business of Paints selling. Sometimes it was so frustrating that I was having a better product than what my prospect was interested in, my price was reasonably low, my quality of services was always outstanding. I was always sure that if the prospect buys my product, it would save him the money and give comparitively better product. So the big question was, why he still not buys from me? Is he really stupid or having a very low IQ level? After so much research I found the answers to my problem and I am sure it will solve your problems too. Go through my ideas and apply them in your career, you will get better results irrespive of what you sell, whether paints or cloth, computers, insurance, water purifiers, mobile phones, furniture or any other thing.

It is the financial, social and emotional RISK in making the decision to buy. The customer always think in terms of Risk involved in his subconcious mind or sometimes in his concious mind too, especially when he is to buy for the first time from you. The quality and quantity of risk is not a calculated figure, it varies from prospect to prospect. It is not a tangible kind of thing. Moreover the prospect is not able to communicate it verbaly. He will never admit that he anticipates risk as by doing so he will have to admit that he is expecting fear of loosing money or time. May be after making a wrong decision he may have to face awkword position in the eyes of his superiors or family members.

Can anyone measure the risk involved? Let me give you an example. I was coming from my office to my home. My wife called me to inform that some guests have arrived and I need to bring some paper napkins, disposable glasses and few lemons. I asked my grocery store sales man to give all these item and hurriedly paid him the cash. I reached home and delivered all those items to my wife. She was to serve hot tommato soup in those glasses. The moment one of the guests tried to have the sip, I noticed the glass was leaking. I transfered the soup in another glass, but that too was leaking. To my surprise, all the glasses bought by me were leaking. Just close your eyes and try to visualise my position then. It was most embarassing moment of my life. What was the risk? More emotional than finacial. Now as a sales man, you might offer him a free replacement, but does it repair his damage? You order online a set of VCDs and on arrival you find one defective. Company has a policy of unconditional replacement, but is this sufficient.

Now you know that you thoroughly check the quality, quantity of the product before delivery but that prospect is already bitten by disposable glasses incident. Now let me give you few suggestions to make him comfortable while buying from you:
1. Develop more closer relationship with him: The closer is the relationship, lesser is the risk. Lesser the relationship, bigger is the risk. That is why you as a customer are willing to pay high price even to a vegetable vender known to you than a lower price to unknown vegetable vender.
2. Make the deal as tangible as possible: I tried to bring him to a location where my products were already in use. I handed over the letters of warranty. You might have seen the testimonials by people on TV programs of teleshopping. Show him the products pictures, videos being used by others.
3. Present proof: For example letters of appreciation, testimonials, letters of recommendation, photographs, videos, case studies, list of clients, etc. Even something if not directly connected to your product but helps the prospect making a decision, do use it.

Contributed by: Ramesh Nair, Marketing Head,
Aqua Paints and Varnishes Co., Patel Nagar, New Delhi

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