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7 Ayurvedic Herbs to Help Fight Arthritis Joint Pain
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7 Ayurvedic Herbs to Help Fight Arthritis Joint Pain


Life (ayu) is the combination (samyoga) of the body, and senses reincarnating the soul.  Ayurveda is the best and most sacred science of life. It is beneficial to humans and the world beyond. Ayurveda is the science of life and it has a basic and simple kind of approach.

What is the Ayurvedic system?

The ayurvedic system is one of the oldest medical systems and also India's traditional health care system. It is the combination of plants, herbs, animals metals, and minerals. This medical system is helpful in the treatment of disease. it is a great way to cure the disease. The great thing about Ayurveda is that its treatment always yields side benefits and side effects.

How does Ayurveda be Helpful in the disease?

Ayurveda is designed for the treatment of disease. It includes the physical mental and primary life force. Balancing these three elements to see the best results of this system. This includes simple steps and works less. Its main goal is to cleanse your body with undigested food that creates illness in the body. It reduces the symptoms and balance. We have to believe in 5 elements while following the ayurvedic system. Elements are space, air, fire, water, and earth.

What are the Ayurvedic herbs?

Herbs are referred to as the green and leafy plants used for seasoning and flavoring recipes. It is used in foods as well as in the treatment of many diseases. We need to store the herbs in jars and containers. Ayurveda herbs and species are an important component. It protects our body from disease and also helps in health benefits. It mainly helps in digestion and mental health.

Some of the herbs are:-

  1. Ashwagandha - It is a small woody plant in India and North America. It helps improved stress, improves sleep, and anxiety disorders.

  2. Boswellia - It helps in the inflammation, in the body, reduced pain, aNd especially in rheumatoid arithirits.

  3. Triphala - Helps in cancer and abdominal pain

  4. Brahmi - appears to be strong in anti-inflammatory properties that are as effective as common NSAIDs

  5. Cardamom - Known as the queen of the species. It mainly helps in the reduced blood pressure., improves breathing,

  6. Turmeric - It works as an antiseptic and is used in inflammation.

Here, we came to know that ayurvedic is helpful in the treatment of disease. Arthritis is the joint disease we discuss further.

What is Arthritis?

Arthritis is the condition of swelling and tenderness of one or more joints. The main symptoms of arthritis are joint pain and stiffness, with an increase in age. The different types of arthritis are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.


It causes cartilage — the hard, slippery tissue that covers the ends of bones where they form a joint — to break down.

Rheumatoid arthritis

It is a disease in which the immune system attacks the joints, with the lining of joints.

Uric acid crystals, when there's too much in your blood, can cause gout. Infections or underlying diseases, such as psoriasis or lupus, also cause other types of arthritis.

Treatments vary according to the type of arthritis. The main goals of arthritis treatments are to reduce symptoms of bone problems and improve quality of life.

What are the Symptoms?

The most common signs and symptoms of arthritis. Depending on the type of arthritis, the signs, and symptoms are:

  • Pain

  • Stiffness

  • Redness

  • Swelling

  • Decreased range of motion

What are the Risk Factors?

Risk factors of arthritis include:

  • Genetic - Some types of arthritis run in families, so you may be more likely to develop arthritis if your parents or siblings have the disorder due to genetics.

  • Age factor - The risk of many types of arthritis — including osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and gout increases with age.

  • Gender- Women are more likely affected than men to develop rheumatoid arthritis, while most of the people who have gout in men.

  • Previous joint injury - People who have injured a joint, while playing a sport, are more likely to eventually develop arthritis in that joint.

  • Obesity - Carrying excess pounds puts stress on joints, especially in your knees, hips, and spine. People with obesity have a higher risk of arthritis.

What are the Complications of Arthritis?

Severe arthritis, particularly if it affects your hands or arms, can make it difficult for you to do daily work. Arthritis of weight-bearing joints can keep you from walking comfortably and sitting up straight. In some cases, joints may gradually lose their shape and become fragile.

Now, we see how these ayurvedic herbs are used in the treatment of Arthritis.

Ayurvedic Herbs for Arthritis

1. Nirgundi

Nirgundi is an Ayurvedic herb, mainly used for all kinds of joint pains. It is used in reducing swelling and excessive pain. Its potent anti-inflammatory, anti-convulsing, and anti-oxidant properties help to recover joints. The leaves of the plant Nirgundi are to have benefits followed by the stem and the seeds.

2. Ajwain

Ajwain is the ayurvedic herb for joint pain and has an anti-inflammatory component that makes it for great food for arthritis pain. Add a spoonful of Ajwain seeds to a tub of hot water and soak your aching joints in the water and sit for 5-10 minutes; this will help ease swelling and pain. Use crushed seeds in the affected area

3. Ginger

Ginger is known for its great antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce joint pain and swelling. It also helps in increasing blood circulation which is fruitful to cut down pain in the affected areas. We can apply the ginger paste to the joints for better results.

4. . Shallaki

Shallaki is the ayurvedic herb for arthritis that increases your joints from within and alleviates pain. It decreases the swelling of joints. It is available in the form of oil and powder and is known as Boswellia Serrata.

5. Dashmool

Dashmool herbs for arthritis translates to 'ten roots'; out of which five roots are trees and five are from shrubs. These include patala, gambhari, brihati, and more.  Dashmula ayurvedic herb for arthritis is effective in inflammatory conditions in the body. It has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and analgesic, properties that help cure joint pain. It is available in the form of oil and powder.

6. Eucalyptus

It is the ayurvedic herbers for joint pains in the treatment of Arthritis. Its leaves are healful in reducing swelling and pain. This is the organic and safe way to reduce symptoms of arthritis.

7. Green Tea

Green tea ayurvedic herb for arthritis is rich in antioxidants to reduce inflammation, protect joints, and trigger changes. Treat yourself and your body with a cup of hot green tea.


This is all about the ayurvedic medicines including herbs for arthritis. It is effective not only in this disease but this system cures many more diseases


Let us spread the Ayurveda, a good healthy lifestyle.

Note:  This website's content is provided only for educational purposes and is not intended to replace medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Please see a certified health practitioner for further information about your specific needs.

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