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10 Things You Must Know About Arthritis
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10 Things You Must Know About Arthritis

A well-said line, "Early to bed and early to rise, " makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise. Good health is always above the affluent lifestyle. Everyone wants to be happy and healthy in their life. But due to busy and complicated lifestyles, no one takes care of their health. Actually, they don't have sufficient time to focus on their tired body. They only want to complete their daily target. We don't even care about ourselves.

After all this, we have to know that our inner mind should be healthy as our outer appearance. That's why a healthy outside starts from the inside. All we need is 'Healthy means a healthy life. Every journey of a healthy life starts with a healthy mind.

This heavy routine and a busy lifestyle cause many disorders in our bodies. Therefore, health is not valued till our body becomes sick. There is one of the disorders that we discussed here.


Arthritis refers to joint pain or joint disease. People of all ages and sexes live with arthritis, and it is the leading cause of disability. It affected women more than men. Arthritis is not based on age. Any age of person suffers from it.

Arthritis becomes chronic too. Like knobby finger joints etc. It is mainly damaging seriously and can be seen in only X-rays. Arthritis affects other organs like the heart, eyes, lungs, kidneys,s, and skin as well.


Common arthritis symptoms may include

  • swelling

  • pain

  • stiffness

  • It diminished the range of motion in joints

Many symptoms change from mild to severe. Many symptoms become worse with time. Chronic arthritis can result in chronic pain, and difficulty in performing daily activities and make walking and climbing stairs painful and grueling.

Types of Arthritis

1. Autoimmune Inflammatory Arthritis 

A healthy immune system is protective. It produces inflammation to clear infections and heal injuries.  Inflammatory arthritis, mainly gives reactions like overactive, attacking healthy tissue, including joints in the spine, hands, and feet. In many of us, inflammation becomes systemic, damaging the eyes, skin, heart, and other organs.  Inflammatory arthritis is not considered an autoimmune disease. As the immune system loses the ability to distinguish self from not-self and attacks the body it’s supposed to protect.

2. Infectious Arthritis

A bacterial, fungal,  viral, or infection triggers infectious arthritis.

It creates infection in our bodies. It travels through the joints mainly the knees. Some of the symptoms like swelling, pain, and fever. It may be randomly occurring and can be treated with antibiotics or antifungals. Most viral infections last to last a week. It sometimes goes on its own.

Some people with this infectious arthritis may need to have their joint fluid drained to remove infected synovial fluid, reduce pain and inflammation and prevent joint damage.

3. Gout (Metabolic Arthritis)

Metabolic or gouty arthritis as gout. It results in the production of uric acid in the joints. Normally our body gets rid of excess uric acid, but when it doesn’t, it can accumulate in our joints, causing sudden and intense bouts of pain, especially in the big toe.

Where does it hurt?

There are various joints in our body that suffers from arthritis. It is sometimes so painful that results in a chronic stage. But some of it randomly gets normal.   Some of the joints suffer from it:-

  • Knee pain

  • Hip joints

  • Back pain

  • Elbow joint

Some interesting facts about ARTHRITIS

 1. Arthritis Is Not a Single Disease

Some of us think that arthritis is a single disease. But Actually, there are more than 100 types of arthritis that occur in the human body. It's very important to be accurately diagnosed and know which type of it so that you can begin an appropriate course of treatment.

2. Some Myths and Misconceptions About Arthritis 

Have you heard somewhere that arthritis only affects old people? Actually not! Do you think that arthritis also causes only minor aches and pains? Also not true. Have you ever heard that common forms of arthritis can be cured by changes in your diet? Well, these are some misconceptions that we all think about arthritis.

3. No treatment for Most Types of Arthritis

However, some forms of arthritis, like Lyme arthritis, may be curable with antibiotics. But there is no single medication or treatment that cures most types of arthritis. Some treatments can help manage pain, control arthritis symptoms, slow disease progression, and reduce joint damage or deformity, but they don't cure arthritis.

4. Early Diagnosis and Treatment for Arthritis Is Essential

There are various types of arthritis and many treatment options, but it's important to be properly diagnosed and treated early in the course of the disease. Long Delaying diagnosis and treatment may allow arthritis symptoms to convert into severe.

5. A Healthy Lifestyle and Good Habits

Proper and regular exercise maintaining our ideal weight, reducing stress as a non-smoker, and getting sufficient, high-quality sleep are all important to living happily.

6. The Cost of Arthritis Is High

Arthritis and rheumatic conditions are seen as the leading cause of disability in the United States. The total medical cost of arthritis is $140 billion per year and rising. In medical expenses and lost wages combined due to arthritis, the cost is $303.5 billion per year.

7. Finding an Optimal Arthritis Treatment Requires Trial and Error

There are two most important points to remember about arthritis treatment. Patients may vary in their response to arthritis medications or other arthritis treatments. What works for only one person may not work for another. For the safest and most effective medication or combination of medications, you'll have to weigh the benefits versus the risks.

8. An Emotional Impact of Arthritis Goes Beyond Physical Limitations

So many emotions are stuck when you are in chronic pain. Anger, resentment, isolation, and fear of depression, are just a few. It's important for us and our loved ones to realize that the impact of arthritis goes beyond physical limitations.

9. Arthritis Can Cause Functional Limitations 

Adults with doctor-diagnosed arthritis report arthritis-attributable activity limitations. Some of the effects of the limitations in our daily routine require bending, stooping, and walking. Therefore, cleaning, cooking, personal hygiene, and other usual activities may be affected.

10. You Should See a Rheumatologist for Your Painful Arthritis

A primary Arthritis doctor can refer you to a rheumatologist. You can also get an appointment through self-referral if your health insurance allows it. Estimation of arthritis is important so that you can determine your type of arthritis and start a treatment plan.


These are important that you should know about Arthritis. So that you can treat it in its early stage. Need a healthy and safe life. You need to take care of yourself and manage your busy schedule to live it as well as you want in your life.

Note:  This website's content is provided only for educational purposes and is not intended to replace medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Please see a certified health practitioner for further information about your specific needs.
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