Diabetes Control Ayurvedic Vijaysar Wood Tumbler Glass (Brown)

Rs. 290.00
Sizing guide
Instructions for Use:
Begin by thoroughly rinsing the tumbler, using only running tap water—avoid using any detergents.
At night, pour approximately 80-100 ml of drinking water into the Vijaysar Herbal Wooden Tumbler. After 8-10 hours, the water will undergo a color change, turning brown. Consume this tinted water 30 minutes before breakfast. Repeat this process, pouring drinking water into the Vijaysar tumbler again and consuming it 30 minutes before dinner.
Continue to use the Vijaysar Herbal Wooden Tumbler consistently for 30 days. When the water's color ceases to change, gently scrape the interior of the tumbler without causing harm to yourself, and resume usage for an additional 7-15 days.
Please remember to use the Vijaysar Herbal Wooden Tumbler for a maximum of 45 days. After this period, it's advisable to switch to a new tumbler.
Important Note: This particular herbal wood may, at times, develop cracks or leaks during use. Such instances do not diminish the medicinal value of this product. In such cases, simply place the wooden tumbler inside another vessel or container and continue using it. Rest assured, no abrasive or polishing materials have been used on the interior or exterior of the tumbler—it is entirely a 100% natural product.